The Filipino Fighting Arts Association (FFAA) is the organization where worldwide all Filipino Fighting Arts groups and members are affiliated. Its functions start with membership administration and supplying of the FFA equipment, upgrading FFA instructors and building up and observing a consistent and high standard at all FFAA affiliated clubs. The FFAA also organizes seminars for its members with both FFAA instructors and guest instructors from all over the world and from various styles. With these events we would not only like to share knowledge but also bring people from different clubs, regions and countries together and to build up a family of friends.

The goal of the FFAA is to promote and share the Filipino Martial Arts around the World at the highest technical level. We offer well structured educational programs for everyone who would like to develop a background and in depth knowledge of Filipino Martial Arts. We do not only regard the Filipino Martial Arts, but also the Martial Arts community in general as a big family and cultivate open-minded and friendly association with each other.