- 29 December 2017

Welcome Greece!

In 2017 Philippos Giannakakidis opend our first Filipino Fighting Arts group in Athen/Greece! 

- 12 August 2017

The Filipino Fighting Arts Association organized 2017 the first 'Big Open Martial Arts Summercamp' which was held at the beautiful lake Chiemsee/Bavaria/Germany.

There have been four different camps in one place:

Each camp has been 5 days, 5 hours training a day.

The people could choose, day by day and lesson by lesson at which camp they participate. Some focussed on one art only, others enjoyed doing some cross training.

It was a big success! 100 people from various countries trained together, shared knowledge and friendship.

The next mega marital Arts Camp will be at summer 2019 - don't miss it!

- 09 August 2015

The FFAA Summercamp 2015 was a great success!

Great people, great classes, great fun. 90 people from all over Europe came togehter at the beautiful lake Chiemsee in Bavaria/Germany to train 5 days, 5 hours a day, to share knowledge and friendship and to enjoy not only training but also the awesome weather, lake and the great view to the mountains.

The line-up of international top instructors of their respective arts promised lots of sweat and fun:

That has been our trailer: YouTube Trailer - FFAA Summercamp 2015'
A review clip will come soon also!





- 15 December 2014

The Filipino Fighting Arts DVDs "Kadena de Mano - Filipino Trapping" are available now! The DVDs are in German and English. If you would like to learn more about the Filipino Close-Quarter Fighting, you should save your own set right now. 

Here the English trailer:


- 15 August 2014

The biggest Filipino Fighting Arts event 2014, the FFAA Summerspecial 2014 Hamburg/Germany, was a great success: 3-days action, 150 participants from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Netherlands and Australia joined to train together, share knowledge and friendship and to have fun.

Summerspecial 2014

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