- 18 June 2019

Filipino Fighting Arts Summercamp 2019 - our biggest camp ever!

This year we have had our biggest camp ever. 150 martial artists from various arts came together to share knowledge, friendship and fun.

5 days, 5 hours a day, 4 parallel classes of Filipino Fighting Arts, Boxing/Kickboxing, Grappling/MMA, Krav Maga/Defense Art/Scenario Training.

Additional fun events during the evening hours, like Penta Fight Challenge (Double Stick, Single Stick, Knife, Kickboxing, Grappling), Arrow Tag, BBQ, ...

Big lunch and dinner buffet every day.

If you missed it, don't miss 2020. The date will be out soon.

and all information at www.martial-arts-camps.com.

- 29 December 2017

Welcome Greece!

In 2017 Philippos Giannakakidis opend our first Filipino Fighting Arts group in Athen/Greece! 

- 12 August 2017

The Filipino Fighting Arts Association organized 2017 the first 'Big Open Martial Arts Summercamp' which was held at the beautiful lake Chiemsee/Bavaria/Germany.

There have been four different camps in one place:

Each camp has been 5 days, 5 hours training a day.

The people could choose, day by day and lesson by lesson at which camp they participate. Some focussed on one art only, others enjoyed doing some cross training.

It was a big success! 100 people from various countries trained together, shared knowledge and friendship.

The next mega marital Arts Camp will be at summer 2019 - don't miss it!

- 09 August 2015

The FFAA Summercamp 2015 was a great success!

Great people, great classes, great fun. 90 people from all over Europe came togehter at the beautiful lake Chiemsee in Bavaria/Germany to train 5 days, 5 hours a day, to share knowledge and friendship and to enjoy not only training but also the awesome weather, lake and the great view to the mountains.

The line-up of international top instructors of their respective arts promised lots of sweat and fun:

That has been our trailer: YouTube Trailer - FFAA Summercamp 2015'
A review clip will come soon also!

- 15 December 2014

The Filipino Fighting Arts DVDs "Kadena de Mano - Filipino Trapping" are available now! The DVDs are in German and English. If you would like to learn more about the Filipino Close-Quarter Fighting, you should save your own set right now. 

Here the English trailer:


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