FFAA Summer Camp 2015

- 09 August 2015

The FFAA Summercamp 2015 was a great success!

Great people, great classes, great fun. 90 people from all over Europe came togehter at the beautiful lake Chiemsee in Bavaria/Germany to train 5 days, 5 hours a day, to share knowledge and friendship and to enjoy not only training but also the awesome weather, lake and the great view to the mountains.

The line-up of international top instructors of their respective arts promised lots of sweat and fun:

  • Filipino Fighting Arts with its founders Timm Blaschke and Marcus Ruddies, teaching double and single stick, knife, espada y daga, staff, tomahawk, kerambit, flexible tools, Panantukan, Dumog ...
  • Pentjak Siat with the int. technical director and member of the board of directors of the Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara Walter van der Broeke
  • Boxing and Kickboxing with the president of the WKU and 8-times Wolrd-Champion Klaus Nonnemacher and with the full contact head coach of the WAKO Germany, Kai Becker.
  • Grappling/MMA with Frank Burczynski, Senior Full Instructor for JKD Grappling under Larry Hartsell, BJJ Blackbelt, Luta Livre instructor ...
  • Krav Maga with Markus Zimmermann, Police Instructor KMG Instructor, KMG Combat Instructor ...
  • Scenario Training and i-Pensa with Kristian Gröger and Björn Bühler, Police Instructor, i-Pensa Instructor, FFAA Instructor ...

That has been our trailer: YouTube Trailer - FFAA Summercamp 2015'
A review clip will come soon also!





Kadena de Mano DVDs

- 15 December 2014

The Filipino Fighting Arts DVDs "Kadena de Mano - Filipino Trapping" are available now! The DVDs are in German and English. If you would like to learn more about the Filipino Close-Quarter Fighting, you should save your own set right now. 

Here the English trailer:


Summer Special 2014 Hamburg/Germany - review

- 15 August 2014

The biggest Filipino Fighting Arts event 2014, the FFAA Summerspecial 2014 Hamburg/Germany, was a great success: 3-days action, 150 participants from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Netherlands and Australia joined to train together, share knowledge and friendship and to have fun.

Summerspecial 2014

Summercamp 2013 Chiemsee/Germany - review

- 01 September 2013

Filipino Fighting Arts Summercamp 2013 at the famous Chiemsee/Bavaria/Germany.

What a great event! 5 days of training in FMA, Grappling, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Scenario training ... with international top instructor. Great instructor, great classes, great people, great event. More than 80 martial artists had fun to kick, box, strike, slash, cut, throw, choke, lock, ... and smile! If you want to see more pictures, have a look at our gallery.

Group picture summercamp 13

Here a little review clip:



Our new instructor course schedule is available now!

- 12 July 2013

We fixed already many dates and places for our next FFAA instructor course. You can download our schedule here: pdfFFAA_instructor_course_dates_A4_2014.pdf