FFAA Summer Special 2012 - review

- 20 August 2012

Our 3-days FFAA Summer Special 2012 in Hamburg/Germany has been hot! 37 degree, 75 great people, great classes, absolutely awesome. 

Our two directors of the Filipino Fighting Arts Association, Guro Timm Blaschke and Guro Marcus Ruddies, have been showing Filipino Martial Arts at its best, empty hands, with stick, knife, Malong, Karambit, .... But also our FFAA instructor team did awesome and has shown their high level skills. Locks and choke with Markus von Hauff, Stickboxing with Holger Wipfler, knife templates with Simon Lorenz, takedowns with Tadeus Holl, sparring progression with Markus Hübner and long staff with Christian Metzner have been some of the highlights for everybody.

All participants are looking forward to our next seminars and camp. Thank you to all of you guys for joining, for your spirit and energy and for making our event special. 

Here a little review:



Filipino Fighting Arts in German Television

- 12 January 2012
The German public television channel ZDF has shown the Filipino Fighting Arts on TV today. Here is a link to watch it (in German language): http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/hauptnavigation/startseite/#/beitrag/video/1539766/Kampfsporttrends:-Filipino-Fighting-Arts

Instructor course 2012

- 08 December 2011
Our Instructor Course 2012 starts in January. If you are interested to learn Filipino Fighting Arts from the scratch up to instructor level in a structured manner, sign in now.

FFAA Summer Camp 2011 - review

- 04 June 2011

Our FFAA Summer Camp 2011 in Sögel/Germany has been a big success. Awesome instructors, great classes, lovely people, lots of sun, fun and sweat.

Klaus Nonnemacher, 8-times kickboxing world champion and president of the world leading kickboxing organization WKA, has been teaching in a perfect mixture of technical details and physical power. Frank Burczynski, technical director of Germany's biggest amateur mma federation, has shown top grappling skills and proven that knowledge can dominate power in groundfighting. Markus von Hauff has given a deep insight into the Krav Maga system, the martial arts of the Israeli military. By linking the Krav Maga techniques to the Filipino Fighting Arts all students have easily been able to integrate these techniques into their usual repertoire. The two directors of the Filipino Fighting Arts Association, Guro Timm Blaschke and Guro Marcus Ruddies, have been playing with the whole range of Filipino martial arts. Among lot of other things like Filipino boxing, stick and knife fighting they have shown how to use tools like a towel or pen as highly effective improvised weapon, even against club or knife attacks. Finally our attending FFAA black belts have shown their high level of excellence by giving a great team class.

Beside all the training there have been lots of activities around, like lectures about history, background and rules of all common kickboxing and mma variations. A great barbeque and cool fun games like beach volleyball or jugger are the icing on the cake.

All participants are looking forward to our next camp. Thank you to all of you guys and see you next time.

Enjoy our camp pictures at our photo galley.

Instructor training 2010

- 22 November 2010

We had a great Instructor Training in Karlsruhe/Germany last weekend.

The FFAA instructors expanded their theoretical and practical instructor knowledge about warm-up methods, systematical correction of techniques, stress training progression and games, club administration and law. It has been informative, sweaty and ... fun.