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FFA Program Level 1

Price: €25,00 (incl. 19 % tax, excl. shipping)


Important note: As member of the Filipino Fighting Arts Association you do not need to buy your program here! You will get your Level 1 CD automatically by joining our organization. If you pass the Level 1 examination successfully you will get your Level 2 CD automatically with your diploma. The CDs are fully included in your sign-in and examination fees. So you will get all your programs automatically without the need to buy them somewhere separately.

For non FFAA members:
The technical program of the Filipino Fighting Arts Association is reserved for our members. But anyway we decided to sell the fundamental CDs Level 1 and Level 2 public to give you the opportunity to start right away with some basic training and to get to know a little more about our style.

This CD includes:

The Filipino Fighting Arts Level 1 program as pdf file, 66 pages with 400 step-by-step pictures.
Plus 21 video clips to show certain techniques in motion.

Covered are the following topics:

  • Fundamentals
  • Doble Baston (Filipino doble stick fighting)
  • Solo Baston (Filipino single stick fighting)
  • Daga (Filipino knife defense)
  • Kadena de Mano (Filipino close quarter combat/trapping)
  • Panantukan (Filipino boxing)
  • Sikaran (Filipino kickboxing)
  • Dumog (Filipino grappling)
  • Self Defense
  • Principles & Tactics
  • Theory