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DVD - Kadena de Mano - Filipino Trapping 2

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Kadena de Mano - Filipino Trapping 2

In part two of this Filipino Trapping series, we will start with clearing the first barrier and advanced entries into the trapping range. Afterwards we will demonstratethe advanced clearing sets 7-12 to learn to move on to the target even if your counter strike is blocked. Further trapping drills will increase the speed and coordination of your hands. The added applications with the stick or knife remind you of the origins of the trapping techniques. It will also be shown how to link the Parry-Parry-Check drill with the clearing sets 7-12, as well as fluent transistions to the Filipino boxing, complete with possible takedowns that will give you new ideas. Different applications in self defense scenarios will complete the contents.

This professional DVD is about 72 minutes and in German and English language.

You can order Part 1 and Part 2 seperate or as a Set with great discount.


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